Perfect Eye Makeup Tutorial and Tips for Beginners -Step by Step Guide

Your beauty depends on your eyes to a great extent, so pay special attention to eye makeup. Your eyes are big, small or of any color, they can look beautiful, if you prepare them better. 

Just as everyone's eyes have different textures, their makeup is also in a different style.

Some Important Eye Makeup Tips- 

👉 First of all apply primer or foundation/Counselor 

First of all, apply a primer similar to the skin around the eyes. This will make your eye makeup last longer and will not spread. After this, use a foundation or concealer to hide dark circles or spots.

👉 Eye-shadow

Use a flat makeup brush to apply eye-shadow. If you are applying more than one color eye-shadow then mix it well with fingertips or brush and apply it.

👉 Eye liner

Always apply liner after eye-shadow. You can use liner pencil or liquid liner as per your convenience. Nowadays color liners are also being preferred.

👉 Mascara

Mascara makes your eyelashes look big and beautiful. Apply the mascara brush from the roots of your eyelids upwards. You can also use Fake Eyelashes to look more attractive.

👉 Take care of some special things

* Use blotting paper to remove excess eye-shadow, this will not spoil your i-liner.

* If your eyes are small, do not apply liner on the lower eyelids.

* Take care when applying fake eyelashes, you can seek the help of a specialist.

* Do not show haste to make up the eyes.

* Make sure to clean eyes before going to bed at night.

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