How Do You Make a Glamorous Smokey Eye Look

If you are going to a fancy event or occasion, then the smoky look on the eyes will be very bad. The smoky look of the eyes looks quite sexy and glamorous. This eye makeup is never out of fashion and is always in style.

To give a smoky look to the eyes, it is important to choose the right colors. No color is right, for Smokey Eye you should choose colors according to the dress and party theme. Select at least three colors, this will give a classic look. 

You can also choose black and gray color if you want. Apart from this, the combination of brown and bronze is also good.

👉 Apply Concealer: 

Apply concealer before giving the eyes a smokey look so that the dark circles around the eyes do not shine separately. Select the light shade of the concealer. 

For this, mineral makeup foundation is the best because applying it can hide even the darkest spots. In addition, smoky makeup can be easily applied to the eyes after applying it.

👉 Select Powder: 

If you have selected Black, Brown or Gray color for Smokey i Makeup, then use the powder before applying it to the eyes. If the eyes are small, you can also use eyeliner. 

👉 Apply Eye Shadow:

Take an eye shadow brush and give it a light undone look, look like a delicate smile. This gives a complete smokey look to the eyes. If you want, you can bring such a look with a cotton ball or brush.

👉 Select a Light Shade: 

Select the light shade to give a classic look. Shimmer can also use the shade but the tone should not be too dark.

👉 Use Medium Tone: 

Nowadays, even in the smoky look in the eyes, the use of medium tone is more in trend.

👉 Fluffy Blending Brush: 

Use a fluffy blending brush to give a smoky look to the eyes. Use dark shades on the lash line. Sharpen the eyelids slightly. This will make the look more hot and glamorous.

👉 Highlight Eyebrows:

Highlight your eyebrows to give a smokey look. This will bring more makeup.

👉 Apply Mascara Coats: 

To give a smoky look, it is necessary to apply several coats of mascara. This will add heaviness to the eyelids and look quite dark. You can also curl the eyelids if you want.

👉 I hope you liked my this all steps to make you eyes more glamorous and attractive.

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